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Online Video Poker is a fairly easy game to play and is perfect for Poker novices and experts alike.

Casino War Tips

Casino War is a popular table card game that can be found both online and in the brick and mortar card rooms. If you are a first time attendee at a casino and wish to play a table game, then this one is a great one to get started on.

Casino War is played with six decks of cards. This means that for each shuffle, you are facing a combination of 312 different playing cards heading in your direction. The cards are ranked the same as in ordinary poker with one added exception, which is the ace cards are always high. Suits in the game of Casino War are totally irrelevant.

Your first job is to select a wager and as always we would advise discretional and sensible bankroll management. Once you have selected your wager you will be dealt one card. Next the Dealer is dealt a card and if yours is higher than the dealers then you win an even money bet. If the dealer’s card is higher than yours then you lose your original ante.

If the dealer’s card is the same as yours then you have two options. You can surrender which means you will have half of your original wager returned to you. Or you can Go to War!

If you choose War then you have to double your original ante and are then dealt another card by the dealer.  If the players second card is higher than the dealers then you win even money on the raise only and the original wager is a push. There is also a tie bet available at odds of 10:1.

If you like your card games simple with a minimum of fuss then try Casino War.



Last Updated 16 April 2014
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