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Do you want to know everything about Playtech Casino Bonuses? Read this article and you will find out what advantages you can take of Playtech Casino Promotions.

Playtech Online Casino Bonuses – Pros and Cons

Today online casinos offer generous bonuses which seems unbelievable at first. In pursuit of attracting players to online gambling houses they try to invent more and more new bonuses and promotions, but could this just be another way to trick players? Let's find out whether players really can take advantage of casino promotions or if it is better to play without paying attention to all these tricks. First of all let's concentrate on the advantages of Playtech Casino Bonuses.

All of us would like to play at the casinos without any risk of losing our funds. Keep in mind this was impossible before online casinos appeared. They provided players an opportunity to play totally risk free and a chance, to win. And this is really great. So, the advantage of bonuses is that you play for the casino money and it doesn't matter if you lose, but... don't forget that in 90% of all cases to activate a bonus you should make a deposit, so the more bonuses you want to get, the more of your own money you will have to spend. And this is the main principle of any online casino.

Online Casino Bonus Types

Playtech Online Casinos aren't an exception as they offer their players a multitude of bonuses, so inexperienced online gamblers can get confused. Well, who knows the most, risks the least, so let's look at what the main kinds of bonuses offered by Playtech Online Casinos are.

No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonuses must be the best thing given to players with the arrival of an online gaming sites. The name speaks for itself and you can be absolutely sure that this kind of bonus doesn't indicate any tricks.

This bonus is used by the casino to attract new players and not for making money. Only thing you need to do is become a casino member, so in other words, you need to download the software and register a Real Money account. The obvious advantage of this bonus is that you can have great playtime and test any casino game without spending a penny. I

t is another matter, if you want to keep this bonus amount. In this case casinos will offer you to wager this bonus for certain times. If the amount remains the same, or if you win, which happens once in a blue moon, you will be able to cash out some money.

Match % Bonus

Match % Bonus is a kind of bonus which requires you to make a deposit. So, to get this bonus you should deposit first and then you will get, for example, 25%, 50%, 200% of your deposit amount paid into your account. But to withdraw money you should wager not only your bonus, but your deposit as well. So, even if you win you won't be able to cash out the desired amount because of the wagering requirement.

High Roller Bonus

High Roller Bonus has the same principle as Match % Bonus. The only difference is that this kind of bonus was invented for those who prefer to play for high stakes. In general, such a bonus is given for a deposit of $1,000 and more. But in this case the bonus percent is really considerable.

Playtech Games to Play with Free Cash

Playtech Online Casinos offer the best games available online as Playtech is considered to be the best software provider. You can play a multitude of games with free cash: play Slot Machines (classic and multiline), Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, Craps, Pontoon, Sic Bo and many other popular card and table games. Note that before choosing game (play it for free cash) look what its wagering requirement are as it can vary for different games.


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