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Top 2 Sites for Skill Games

Earning money from playing your favourite games is not a myth as many would believe. There are a lot of career gamers out there who do what they love and gain a living from it. You might not want to become one of them and quit your day job, but it’s possible to get money in return from playing games.

There are a lot of websites where you can register and play skill games like shooting games, board games, racing games, and word games. These games rely on your skill and not on chance so you’re in full control of winning or losing. Some of the best sites for online games, which will pit you against other people like you, are (in no particular order): and – The focus in this site is games played one on one, or as a duel. Upon signing up, you’ll get 1,000 free credits which you can use to play in practise games. They’re called practise games because you cannot earn money using these credits. Game Duell actually encourages members to deposit money into their accounts so that they will be granted access to more games and be allowed to participate in duels where they can now win real money. – One of the largest sites when it comes to games and members. Here, you can also get a feel of the site before deciding to deposit money in to your account. So try first playing for free and then when you decide that you like the overall experience, you can now add money and access the various tournaments. You also have security in not being duped into contests that are out of your skill level, as has a player level score computed from the number of wins a player achieved.

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Last Updated 16 April 2014
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