Online Casino industry in developing countries
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Online Casino Industry in Developing Countries

Gambing is very popular in most developing countries. Most of the people take this activity as a source of supplementary income. Others due to the high unemployment rates in their countries have made gambling their main source income.

Residents of some developing countries can enjoy both legal and illegal forms of gambling. There are reports of large numbers of underground betting syndicates in some of these countries. This is due to the poor enforcement of laws and high corruption levels. It is undeniable that the activities of both legal and illegal gambling operators are affecting the way that governments in developing countries regulate gambling.

Online Gambling in Developing Countries

As mobile penetration increases into what where once considered remote regions of the world there has been a rise in online gambling operators that offer gambling services to these communities.

Online gambling is often defined as gambling that takes place remotely. The most common form of online gambling in developing countries is SMS betting. Licensed bookmakers in some of the countries offer members of the public an option to wager on events, games or sports via SMS. In some of the countries all betting is supposed to be done in person.

Online Casinos in Developing Countries

The rapid growth of the telecommunication industry has made the Internet accessible to many people in developing countries. Devices to access the Internet have continued to decrease in price making them affordable to the general population resulting in a massive increase in online transactions. Smartphones and mobile devices have also seen a rise of online casinos in South Africa, which is one of the developing countries.

Most governments in the developing countries are, however, losing valuable income as they are yet to regulate online gambling. Many gamblers in these countries are enjoying online gambling services provided by unregulated operators. The countries that have properly regulated the activity are enjoying a healthy boost to their coffers. As technology continues to advance, the number of developing countries that are reaping the benefits of properly regulating online gambling is set to increase.



Online Casino industry in Developing countries