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Online Blackjack

Online blackjack players will be happy to hear that the best online blackjack site hands down, Mummy's Gold Casino offers great online blackjack real money opportunities. This fantastic venue has become known far and wide as the best in the blackjack online industry for a number of very good and solid reasons.

First, it’s powered by software from industry leader Microgaming. Microgaming is known to be the best in the online blackjack business, because of it’s smooth, professional game play. Also, for it’s outstanding game selection pertaining to blackjack and other casino games, offering over forty varieties of blackjack, as well as 500 other table games and pokies in all. It also has great HD graphics and soundscapes.

Blackjack Types

Some of these forty different blackjack game types at Mummy's Gold include variations of online blackjack with one deck and multiple decks, single and multi-hand games, games where the dealer stands with 17, games where and dealer does not. To mention just a few, you can expect to find Triple 7’s Progressive Jackpot Blackjac, English-style Pontoon, Spanish 21, and much, much more!

Mobile Blackjack App

Microgaming also offers fantastic downloadable mobile blackjack for your iOS (Apple) or Google Android phone or tablet - an app which has been called the best blackjack app of the market today, and offers a 3:2 payout for a two card blackjack and a 1:1 payout for all other wins. The app is available at the iTunes store (for iOS) and at the Google Play store, always for free, for Android.

In addition to the online blackjack real money mobile blackjack app, there is also an in-browser blackjack game online for those of you who either are operating a mobile or tablet device with an alternative platform such as Windows 8, 8.1, RT, Symbian, Blackberry, or Amazon Fire.

Blackjack Strategy

This online blackjack game, of all online casino games, might be the very best suited to the mobile or tablet interface, and we think you’ll really enjoy the gameplay, and with both the downloadable app and the in-browser version, you can  hit, stand, double, or split.

Furthermore, Mummy's Gold online blackjack offers great articles on blackjack strategy for your blackjack game, including discussions on card-counting, probability, basic strategy tables, and how they were created. Be advised, however, that different games involve different variables so will require different basic strategy tables.

And even if you use your strategy tables religiously, a winning strategy merely makes you more statistically likely to win - be prepared to still lose part of the time! Furthermore, because while there is an online blackjack real money mode at Mummy's Gold, there is also a Practice Mode for each and every online blackjack game.

These will allow you to download the Microgaming PC or mobile blackjack software, and practice your strategy without investing even a penny, until you’re good and ready - when you’re sure that you understand the particular game you’re playing and what strategy will likely result in a winning outcome!

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Casino 711 | Online Blackjack