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Bingo on TV - Apollo Bingo

Peter KayIf you’ve heard of the Apollo Bingo Hall then chances are you are a fan of one of Britain’s favourite modern comedians: Peter Kay. The hugely popular comedy series ‘That Peter Kay Thing’ features The Apollo Bingo Hall; home to an array of interesting characters and the perfect setting for many an amusing moment.

The bingo caller at the Apollo is Tom Dale. Played by Peter Kay, Dale is a bit of a lady’s man (or so he would have it known) who believes that, as bingo caller at one of Bolton’s top bingo venues, he has reached pretty much the pinnacle of showbiz!

The other characters to make up the Apollo bingo family are Patrick O’Neill, a member of staff with a less than enthusiastic attitude who isn’t likely to be in a job for life at the Apollo, Rose and Theresa, sisters and true bingo pros who don’t take kindly to any interruptions when playing their favourite game, and Keith Lard, the jobs-worthy Fire and Safety Officer.

As any regular bingo player will tell you, real bingo halls are not all that different from the Apollo Bingo Hall and are filled with characters and stories, humour and intrigue. Visit a bingo hall today to see for yourself or find an online bingo room to get to know fellow bingo players online.

You might not be able to star in your own TV show, but you can find plenty of entertainment when you play online bingo. Take advantage of free sign-up bonus awards when you play bingo online and choose from a wide range of bingo games, arcade games, casino games and more. Who knows – if you’re lucky you might even end up hitting the big bingo jackpot!




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